The available quotes for Boycott Bingo

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  1. Corridor of uncertainty
  2. Could have hit that with a stick of rhubarb
  3. Me mum could have caught that in her pinny
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Uncovered pitches
  6. Fred Trueman
  7. No more brains than a pork pie
  8. Rubbish
  9. He could swing an orange
  10. My gran could have hit that with her broom handle
  11. Line and length
  12. Add two wickets to the score
  13. Players don't listen
  14. Time in the middle is better than any amount of nets
  15. Should book in for bed and breakfast on this wicket
  16. It's all about good footwork
  17. You can't get runs in the pavillion
  18. Show the makers name!
  19. Bread and butter
  20. Batting's all about grafting
  21. It's not how good you look, it's how many you get.
  22. He 'asn't got any brains!
  23. The best place to see fast bowling is from the non-strikers end
  24. Lollipop
  25. That was just stupid!
  26. Brian Statham
  27. In my day ...
  28. If I've said it once ...
  29. Michael Holding's greatest over, that were fast
  30. Now 'e's got an undred he's got te knuckle down fer a really big score
  31. Gary Sobers
  32. Powder puff delivery
  33. Could have driven a car/bus/coach and horses between bat and pad
  34. They don't listen to us ex-players
  35. He's a good player but I don't think 'e's a great one, not yet.
  36. 20 wickets
  37. Buffet bowling
  38. That's poor technique
  39. He's got a big heart
  40. Military medium
  41. Aggers' (lack of) batting ability.
  42. That were wasted on thee.
  43. Juicy half-volley
  44. Less brains than a chocolate mouse

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